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Diary of a Romance Reader

A woman and her escape into fantasyland.  I will read most anything but romantic suspense and urban fantasy are my go to reads.

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The Mystery Woman
Amanda Quick
Pushing the Limits
Katie McGarry
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Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn

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I have multiple books going on right now.  


My audiobook for walking is Gone Girl by. Gillian Flynn.  I may put this on hold to find a more energetic book for exercising.  I am about to finish part 1.


I also have an Amanda Quick book on audio that I have been listening to very infrequently.  I need to prioritize it and get it finished.


I borrowed Immune by Shannon Mayer from the Amazon Prime store.


I am reading a Jana DeLeon Harlequin Intrigue on my IPad.


I have a hard copy of a young adult book by Kate  McGarry that I received for free that I am reading at breakfast and lunch.


DH and I are listening to Percy Jackson and the Olympians when we travel together.  We should be done next trip.


I also have an online book club that reads classic novels.  We just finished The Secret Garden.


So that is my crazy current reading life.  Hopefully, I will finish the 2 ebooks by Friday.