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Diary of a Romance Reader

A woman and her escape into fantasyland.  I will read most anything but romantic suspense and urban fantasy are my go to reads.

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The Mystery Woman
Amanda Quick
Pushing the Limits
Katie McGarry
Shannon Mayer
Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn

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I have multiple books going on right now.  


My audiobook for walking is Gone Girl by. Gillian Flynn.  I may put this on hold to find a more energetic book for exercising.  I am about to finish part 1.


I also have an Amanda Quick book on audio that I have been listening to very infrequently.  I need to prioritize it and get it finished.


I borrowed Immune by Shannon Mayer from the Amazon Prime store.


I am reading a Jana DeLeon Harlequin Intrigue on my IPad.


I have a hard copy of a young adult book by Kate  McGarry that I received for free that I am reading at breakfast and lunch.


DH and I are listening to Percy Jackson and the Olympians when we travel together.  We should be done next trip.


I also have an online book club that reads classic novels.  We just finished The Secret Garden.


So that is my crazy current reading life.  Hopefully, I will finish the 2 ebooks by Friday.




Tutorial on Me: how I read

Books are my number 1 pastime and have been since I was very young.  As a 50 year old woman without a job and following my hubby while he travels for work I read a lot.  I also read in different ways.  E books mostly, some audiobooks and some hands on book books.  I listen to audiobooks while I exercise, while I clean and in the car when we travel. Ebooks are my go to but paper books are becoming more prominent since going to Authors after Dark book convention and the lowering prices of paper books where they are several dollars cheaper than ebooks.  Don't get me started on that topic.  We could be here all day.  Let's just say that the traditional publishing business doesn't care about saving trees.


I use Kindle for most of my ebooks, Overdrive for library books and harlequin and Carina titles that I buy through them.  I have a Diesel account that I rarely use.  I have IBooks for DANL titles as well as books through ITunes.  Lately, Kobo has had the best deals so most of my current titles are through them.


I hope to keep this blog up to date with what I am reading and to review at least 1 book a week.  I hope that you enjoy my new journey with me.